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"Silence isn't empty...it's full of answers" ~ Author unknown

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Unlimited Possibilities

Metaphor Art


This painting was a joy in progress.


As I worked on this, the images began to take on a life of their own.

Writers talk about characters taking on a life each their own. 

That’s exactly what I experienced while doing this work. 

The metaphors matured, becoming more expansive and symbolically



The butterflies on the tree represent inspiration moving me (the trunk)

beyond the stability of the purple mountain background. 

Upon closer look, the tree is not grounded, there are no roots as yet. 

The island has a softer surface, which allows for the possibility of

flexibility and new roots to grow.  Yet the island is not anchored, it floats

on what feels like slab of ice. The glacier-like waters representing the

unforeseen challenges. 


The tree is balanced by two magical bushes that look more like brains

than bushes (in this case they are the logical/creative hemispheres).

Forging new territory brings excitement along with the feeling of slippery

slopes.  Balancing logic with creativity (along with a confident faith) 

anchors our ability (leading energy) to make what at first seems 



Kathleen Quinn-Matus - Artist/Credentialed Innovation Coach/Educator


"New Roots"  Acrylic on Canvas 46" x 46"

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