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Quintus Studio

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

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 Mission: Offering inspirational art and creativity workshops  


 Schedule a tour of Quintus Studio. We welcome visitors to tour our studio/gallery. On  display are unique paintings along with hand embellished giclee' archival prints.                Check out our artwork here

FREE WEBINAR June 6th  (12p. -1:30p. EDT)

Images Reveal What Words Cannot

Experience a TRANSFORMATIONAL mark making process. No prior art experience is required (all levels are welcome). You will engage in a hands-on practice to discover new insights as a catalyst for making changes. We close with a meaningful mastermind session so this webinar is limited to 6 participants. Save a slot and REGISTER early.



I create commissioned works for homes and workplaces that inspire joyful living. I will partner with you to imagine a work that is defined by attitude and color, distinctly different, yet reflective of who YOU are. If you are ready to move from cliche’ art to owning an original work that adorns your space, bringing timeless happiness, I’m excited to improvise with you. 

Process: I love to write quotes on to the canvas prior to painting; then call upon my muse to guide me. Once the composition begins to emerge, I invite in my pragmatic wizard, (my designer hat). Like jazz, my muse and wizard improvise to create a harmonious story.

Do you have an inspirational quote for a painting?

Our Story

Life is not a straight line,, but many zigs n’ zags. My path started out as a full time free lance art professional coaching...and most recently gallery owner. This is the latest chapter in my artistic evolution. Today I offer an open studio space where I create and display beautiful works of art for home and workplace interiors. We believe in celebrating is what makes us human. In addition to our paintings for sale, we offer art based coaching for small groups.

Visitors welcome.  To schedule email us, we'll get back ASAP
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Kathleen Quinn Matus

Progress to creating a beautiful painting involves messy stages,
just as progress to creating a
fulfilling life involves messy stages.

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