About Quintus Studio

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

We are a studio gallery. Our vision is to enrich the human experience through the Arts with inspiration, passion, and imagination. Our mission is to offer innovative workshops that inspire joy and prosperous lifestyles along with crafting beautiful works of art for home and workplace interiors. 

We believe in celebrating creativity...it is what makes us human.

Creativity is the intellectual capital for personal and economic growth. 

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Our Story

We opened our lakeside gallery 7 years ago. We represented artists from across the country along with facilitating innovative workshops. After the 2020 shut down we decided to display the artwork in a home setting.  We now have a salon gallery along with a lakeside studio.  In addition to our paintings for sale, we offer art based coaching for small groups.  Why art?

Images speak more than words.

Using color, symbols and shapes participants engage in a sequential imaging process

This guided coaching journey engages participants to create personal powerful metaphors and bring them to life.  From this they discover their own ideas or solutions as a catalyst for change. No prior art experience needed - workshops are open to all levels.

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Kathleen Quinn Matus

Progress to creating a beautiful painting involves messy stages,
just as progress to creating a
fulfilling life involves messy stages.