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Painting My Joy 

I write an intention or quote onto my canvas before painting. The quotes becomes my inspiration. I begin by intuitively choosing  my colors as I focus on the essence of the quote. At this stage I am not concerned with what the painting looks like. I turn the canvas upside down and sideways several times while painting until a rhythm begins to emerge. Once the composition begins to gel (which the majority of the time is a surprise), I stop rotating the canvas. At this stage I begin to intentionally focus on texture, shape and color.  This brings me joy!  


Kathleen studied both psychology and surface design in undergraduate.
In her early years she was a free lance artist in Buffalo with gallery representation from east to west coast including a Manhattan gallery. A few years later Kathleen returned to school to complete her MFA. After graduation she continued to devote her time to teaching college and high school students.


During her time as a teacher she pursued a year long coaching certification program.  Upon completion she introduced art with coaching as a vehicle for change to high school students. This was a school wide resilience program that married three disciplines (art & life coaching with yoga).

After 18 years teaching, Kathleen re-careered from high school to start her own business as a innovation coach. She has partnered with people from all walks of life (executives, entrepreneurs, business owners and organizations). She teams with people who aspire to be a part of the evolutionary story of 'what's to come' for themselves and for their communities.

Today she paints at her lakeside studio along with offering creativity events in person and online.

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