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Friday April 5th

A Perfect Time To Bring YOUR Light To The World


Do you feel like your light has been hidden or is it time to just shine a bit brighter?
What if you could have an art inspired intuitive map to shine a light on what’s most important in YOUR world.
We are thrilled to announce a retreat offer at our beautiful lakeside studio/gallery the weekend prior to nature’s celestial eclipse that occurs on Monday April 7th. 


Friday April 5th from 9a.-1p. EST

Investment 275-



All materials and snacks included

Why the eclipse weekend?

Like the eclipse this retreat provides a visceral experience for bringing your light to the world. A celestial event like the 2024 eclipse is a once-in-a-lifetime POWERFUL culmination to this retreat experience.  

No art experience is needed…this process is for all skill levels. 
We will guide you in creating symbolic marks using color and paint to dive deeper in a playful way…to unlock YOUR inspirational insights.  All Materials are included.

Did you know imagery is encoded in our DNA because cave painting was our earliest form of language? 
We are heard wired to understand imagery on a deeper level. This is why it speaks to us on a cellular level that takes us beyond thinking alone.  
Coulette Aboulker-Muscat, author and visionary writes:
Images are symbols & hieroglyphs of our inner wisdom 
acting as guideposts for changing our lives. 
This interactive creative process acts as a template to make decisions for taking action that supports YOUR growth. You will take home with you tools with insights to discover what is most meaningful to you. 

If you are ready to bring your light to the world just as the moon passes over
the sun to release its brilliance…then this retreat is for YOU!

Space is limited ... we expect this retreat to fill up quickly.

What's Included:

All Materials

Beverages with light snacks

Follow up one hour webinar after retreat (TBD)

Investment:  $275

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This is a step by step creative imaging experience that is designed to unlock your intuitive knowledge. 


You will be systematically guided to create a symbolic map to discover or re-invigorate your life’s meaning, purpose, or vision.

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  • Learn the science behind imagery and symbols
  • Explore how symbols open the gateway to self-discovery along with amplifying your ability to manifest.
  • Gain a better understanding of what your symbols reveal to you about yourself. 
  •  Germinate seeds for beginning a new initiative with a solution which is all yours.

Our lakeside studio is located on Seneca lake in beautiful Watkins Glen. 

We are just an hour from Rochester, NY. Our studio overlooks lake views with

easy access to the lake.

Stay longer to enjoy the serenity of our lake along with a stunning hike through the beautiful Watkins Glen Gorge state park.

A one-of-a-kind experience!

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