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My Story

Having been trained in surface design I devoted many years to creting functionalart from art to wear to floor paintings. I painted on silk and made them into one of a kind fashion statements. I painted on primed canvas and made decorative rugs. I also dyed yarn and knitted one of a kind sweater.  The dying process along with stretching large canvasese for floor covering required a large studio. Although I loved this part of my art career, it required a large studio space and working with toxic dyes. After several years, I decided to down size and limit my use of chemicals.

this led me to explore acrylics which were so different from using dyes and wax resist on fabric. I missed the resist process and luminous transparent color that silk offered, yet acrylics offer the option to paint over if it isn’t working (unlike dyes which cannot be erased).

This sets the tone for the color scheme and image. Using a large brush loaded with acrylic paint I begin to intuitively choose my colors. At this stage I focus on the essence of the quote rather than what the painting looks like. I turn the canvas upside down and sideways several times while painting until a rhythm begins to emerge. Once the composition begins to gel (which the majority of the time is a surprise), I stop rotating the canvas to intentionally focus on texture, shape and color as a celebration of the intention. This brings me joy!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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