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Kathleen Quinn - Matus

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Kathleen’s undergraduate training is in surface design. Early years as a free lance artist, her joy was

painting on yards of silk fabric.  When the designs were complete, she commissioned professional

garment makers to sew them into her wearable art designs.  


Her work has been shown by galleries both on the east and west coast, including the Albright Knox

(Buffalo, NY), Julie Artisan’s Gallery (NYC),  Artpark (Lewiston, NY) and more. 


Art critic’s used to ask Kathleen if her works were art, fashion,

sculpture or theatre. Her response was “it’s what you want it to be...

you make your experience!” 


In 1986 Kathleen moved away from full time free lance work to pursue her MFA; at that same time she taught in the freshman core department at Syracuse University.  Her educational calling has always been to offer the arts as a vehicle to self awareness.  In 1989 she took a teaching position with the intention of offering a growth mindset curriculum to high school students.  Eventually she designed a curriculum that combined art with yoga and life coaching skills for resilient thinking. 


After 18 years in the academic world, Kathleen wanted to offer her integrative coaching approach to a wider audience.  She re-careered from the education world to working as a credentialed Innovation coach, offering design thinking for leaders and their teams.  


She holds credentials as an educator,  professional coach, NLP Practitioner, and Innovation Strategist.  She continues to work with professionals from all walks of life (executives, entrepreneurs, business owners and educators).  She teams with others who aspire to be a part of the evolutionary story of 'what's to come' for themselves and for their communities. 


Kathleen and her husband Joseph Matus own a lakeside studio gallery on Seneca Lake in Watkins Glen, NY.  There she also pursues her painting along with offering customized ‘Innovation’ and ‘Coaching Through Art’ workshops for teams and small private groups. Learn more here

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