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Dream big

and launch

into action!

Don't let your dreams fizzle...

Cultivate an Innovators Mindset!

   Identify your innovation preferences with Innovation Preferences Indicator


You will learn:

  • Why we allow our ideas to fizzle out.

  • 3 stages of innovation with strategies for staying on track.

  • How to step outside your comfort zone, lead and influence.

  • Practices designed to increase confidence and risk tolerance.

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Limit 6 per workshop​ to allow for activities and class participation.
Contact us to reserve a date for yourself or your team.

Investment Includes: 

  • Online Innovation Assessment
  • All Workshop Materials
  • Morning Refreshments
  • Light Box Lunch
  • Reflection Celebration
Quintus Annex Gallery • 41 Salt Point Rd • Watkins Glen, NY •
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