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 Giclee is an “art print” of the highest quality. Unlike other

printing methods, giclee uses archival quality pigment

based inks with an oil base. 


The art is original and each print unique. I let my intuition

be my guide and spontaneously paint on each; making it a

work of art. 


Although each print will closely resemble the original

acrylic painting, no one print is exactly like the other. 

In one I might emphasize its texture, in another the accent might be on specific shapes or another varied brush strokes of color, etc. 


** Each hand rendered print is a limited edition of 15. All hand rendered prints are a labor of love and come with a certificate of authenticity. 


Once the painting is complete, I hand sign the work and coat it with a smooth satin varnish to produce the highest quality possible. 


I hope my paintings bring others joy for many years to come.


                                                                  In Joy, 

                                                                 Kathy Quinn-Matus



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