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Original Acrylic painting on canvas. Painting has a lot of texture and is framed in ash wood. The frame is a floater frame.  

Painting was also inspired by a quote from Willem de Kooning. ""I get excited to see that the sky is blue: That earth is earth. And that's the hardest thing to see earth colored rock somewhere: And there is it earth colored rock, I'm getting closer to that. Then there is a time in life where you just take a walk: And then walk in your own landscape".


Walking in My Own Landscape 50" x 34"

  • Each giclee is hand enhanced with acrylic paint to emphasize texture and color. No one print is exactly like the other.  Each is a unique work of art. Once the painting is completed they are coated with a UV satin finish. Prints are hand signed and come with a certificate of authenticity. 

    In stock 36" x 24" print $495-

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