I recall inspirational dreams and the metaphors tucked in them

"Bluebird Takes the Lead"
Acrylic on canvas 4'x5'
"The Flight of the Orchid" Acrylic on canvas 42"x42"
This a part of my innovation process and it can be messy, but it's okay, what's the worst that can happen...I learn so much more
and move on!
"New Roots"  Acrylic on canvas 46"x46"

The butterflies on the tree

represent inspiration

moving me (the trunk)

beyond the stability of the

purple mountain

background.  Upon closer

look, the tree is not

grounded, there are no

roots as yet.  The island has

a softer surface, which

allows for the possibility of

new roots to take hold.  Yet

the island is not anchored,

but floats on what

resembles a slab of ice. 

The glacier-like waters

representing the

unforeseen challenges. 

The tree is balanced by two magical bushes that look more like brains than bushes (in this case they are the logical/creative hemispheres). Forging new territory brings excitement along with the feeling of slippery slopes.  Balancing creativity with logic (add a touch of magic) is what will anchor inspiration into leading energy…here’s to unlimited possibilities!

My Mission:

“To expand the power of the metaphor, as a visual artist and as an innovation coach, for the purpose of enhancing even more

inspired ideas with a prosperous purpose!