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                Place: Quintus Lakeside Studio

                                Gallery, Watkins Glen, NY

                   Time: 9:30 AM-3:00 PM

               Date: MARCH 14, 2020

                Investment: 130-

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Investment includes:
  3 Step SOS method
  1. Active right thinking to neutralize life long habits.
  2. How to consciously embody what we wish.
  3. Pre-work action strategy.
Values and Vision blueprint (materials/handouts)
Mental Image Exercise 
Light Lunch
Command your subjective mind for success.
Visualization with Visualizing


Sixteen years ago I stood on top of Mount Hunger in Vermont on a hot August day quietly visioning my deeper purpose and calling.  As a teacher I was gearing up to greet my high school students in September, yet I knew I had more to offer. In that moment I vowed to look at what I am to bring, what needs to change and what I must become. That September I coordinated a school wide life resilience course that drew from empowering disciplines 

(coaching principles, yoga postures with the creative arts).  That September was my launch into a new vision, a new way of being and (what eventually became) a new coaching career that brings me to the present.  As a credentialed coach and NLP practitioner, I partner with professionals who want to bring more.  Together we deep dive into visualization process and practices.  From there we shift from visualization to visioning.  Visioning is the inner work. Here we pay close attention to what comes forward so that we can hone our purpose to courageously embrace our vision and and live our full potential.  

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Embrace your vision, intention and goals.  Join us at our 
lakeside studio located on beautiful Seneca lake.  An ideal space to imagine your best potential.  We customize events for teams and groups.  More images
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Lakeside Studio View


  • Our 'creative vision day' with Kathy Quinn is one we will hold dear for years to come. We recommend this process to any individual or group that is looking to grow in all directions. Kathy is so passionate about elevating people to their highest potential. She taught us multiple ways to alter our perception of current circumstances, and how to understand our brains while guiding it to a better, happier place. The day was focused on us as individuals, our goals, and our visions. Doing it as a team, and sharing together throughout the process has taken the creative energy of Lotus to another level. We are forever grateful for you Kathy! You have impacted every single one of us, and we are already looking forward to the next one!

       Christie Dier・ Lotus Beauty Salon ・Horseheads, NY 

  • New Perspectives vision studio was truly a transformational and a life changing experience. It helped me connect the dots in my life in a way I never knew was possible and the best part is I'm seeing immediate results! 

       Sarah Ioele ・Entrepreneur


  • I am truly grateful to Kathleen for her positive influence on our valuable employees.  

       M. Tomaselli・HR Professional and Leadership Consultant.       


  • I still use all the things you taught me. Thank you again for your great work!

       D. Grieco ・President at DRG Training Enterprises, Inc.


  • Thank you for the awesome experience.  Your leadership, insight and brilliance shone through. 

        L. Burns・CPA・ADP ・Director of Employer Relations ・Referral Manager

  • My mandatory retirement made life very confusing. I’m sure other people who are facing a

       new career, would benefit as well as I did through her professional coaching.   

       B. Rose・Former Pilot

  • Great Presentation: The word to “choose”, the artwork to connect, and the teamwork was a huge

        eye opener!  

        M. Russell・Ithaca College

  • Your session was just magnificent!

        Dr. Borgstrom

Kathy home.jpg

I have been guiding vision practices for 14

years.  In my experience as a Neuro-linguistic Practitioner and Credentialed Coach, I value the power of a disciplined visioning practice.  I am passionate to share this mindful art with those who also want to develop an ongoing practice.  Vision Studio Labs are a great way to jump start your understanding of a visioning practice along with designing

specific actions for making changes in your life.  

Kathleen Quinn-Matus

Learn more about Kathleen and coaching.

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